Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Secret To Success? You Probably Didn't Think Of This One...

John Wayne in True Grit
In the movie True Grit, John Wayne's character, Rooster Cogburn, is a run-down US Marshall and Texas Ranger with a lot of self-centered thoughts on his mind. He drinks and farts too much, and only feels like doing what he feels like doing. In to the dusty western town, walks a young girl who's father has been murdered. Mattie Ross wants justice, but she must convince Rooster to help her. Rooster's must be persuaded, which he eventually is, but the journey and the fight have just begun. The movie is about both of the main characters and their true grit! Grit is the human quality of perseverance. To push on despite the odds, and in face of total failure. Some of us have this, and some of us don't. Grit makes a great story, and we read about adventurers or heroes who provide us constant examples of grittiness. When you look deeply at these stories, we find one common thread: adventurer is faced with unbearable odds, fights his way through and succeeds! It is essential that the hero have grit. We are not all faced with demons, outlaws and world-ending villains, but the stories we watch/read/hear help to reinforce the value of GRIT! So is grit the key ingredient for the successful?

I think so... And the proof is here in Angela Lee Duckworth's TED talk about grit and success.


She has studied why people are successful, and what makes people successful (she didn't just ask successful people, but people common settings - like the sales people and how they will succeed or not). The one common denominator: GRIT. A great watch! 

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