Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jocko Willink - Extreme Ownership - TedX Talk

Incredible presentation about the powerful impacts of war... If you haven't seen this, I strongly encourage you to watch this presentation.

What moved me:

  1. How the fog of war caused a critical failure
  2. Honor on the battlefield 
  3. Owning responsibility 
  4. Leadership like you've never seen before
  5. Strength of character
Every leader should be reminded of what our soldiers go through each and every day! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Meditation: The One Thing I Should Be Doing...

If I had a dollar for every day I told myself, "gee, I think I'll start meditation today..." there would be another $1,600 in my bank account. From what I know, heard, read, figured and understood is meditation is one of the clearest paths to true mental and physical health. Ah, but who has the time, right? I should, my obligations are pretty simple... Alas, I never seem to actually sit down, breath and just relax! So the best way for me to try this out... Well, there's an app for that: HeadSpace...

As of this moment, I'm on day 1 of 10 (after that, I think I have to subscribe). The app experience, again, so far, was really enjoyable. The narrator (voice in the app) was pleasant and calming - job one, score! There is a calendar and alarm to remind me about my meditation commitment. Oh, and like every app, I can keep track of my progress (would be kind of cool if I could add data to the app like: I'm totally fucking killing it with mindfulness). So, we'll see how it goes... Already though, I'm feeling pretty good.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Quitting Social Media - Week Four

Four weeks ago I watched a video by Dr. Cal Newport. His pitch was centered on questioning the value of social media. Along with other points about why, one struck me the most: most, if not all, of the social media companies use Engagement Engineers. Their goal is to keep your attention in the app, for as long as possible. In other words, the value you are receiving is for entertainment only! Argue what you may, but I think he's right! When I followed his thinking through, 9 times out of 10, I didn't learn something new. I was entertained (I'm mainly referring to Facebook and Instagram). Granted, I have learned/laughed at times, but on the whole, I haven't. So I've quit those two social networks for the past four weeks, and I've learned even more...

For starters:

  1. One phenomenon I've noticed about social media, is the desire for couples to post all the wonderful things they are doing... I've never been a big fan of this... I always wonder: who are they really talking to? Are they trying to make someone jealous? Is it an ego thing? I mean, if you are happy, why post... I've never understood this. But, I've seen their posts, and I have judged my current relationships by what I am seeing - not good! With my new girlfriend, I've stayed clear of, well, this silliness, and I'm only judging the relationship by how it makes me feel. This has made an incredible difference! 
  2. Time suck! Social media, although I don't spend a ton of time on Facebook or Instagram, I've noticed that I can waste a few minutes a day running through the site. Well, that time is now used for other things like, READING! 
  3. Frankly, I'd rather not just re-post a bunch of junk, or like a bunch of stupid shit, I'd rather create valuable content (I'll give Instagram a bit of a pass on this one, as some of the pics are really cool). This means, creating more blog posts or videos of value... I'd rather give back to the network, and honor and LIKE content that actually serves the system. 
  4. Oh, and my anxiety level has gone down... More on that later. 
So, that's it so for now... I hope everyone who reads this understands I'm not judging them (it may sound like it), I'm judging how I've been perceiving social networking post (this is my judgment and value... Not the value of your content, because some of what people share is incredible).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bruce Lee - The Immortal

Friday, November 04, 2016

Before The Flood - Global Warming - And Our Future

If you don't believe in Global Warming, then start reading and paying attention! Turn your belief into a reality, as facts don't lie - talk to someone from Miami too... This movie struck me so powerfully! We are completely damaging our planet, and our future is of grave concern. Leonardo Di Caprio walks us through climate change impacts, fixes and realities. "Reality" is the keyword for me... Frankly, although I do my little part, I would say that I'm a carbon junkie - dirt bikes, big truck, etc. Now, clearly our reality in America is what might need to change first - I'm referring to lifestyle.

But how?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back At The Blog Post - Been Too Long

I wonder if the goals we have don't necessarily drive us, but something else? Could it be something you believe in, another person, or just an idea? I ask this because I don't know the answer, but I've had goals, and I've met them. However, these goals are an accomplishment. Goals are similar to a possession, once I have them, it is done... Naturally, one could argue there is another goal, true.

But what if there is something greater? Isn't that greatness what really drives us? Call it God, the Universe, Brahman/Atman, Buddha, yourself, family, whatever... I'm questioning my focus on goals, but more or less the focus on spirit, or the essence of something more. That spirit, passion, idea is the driver for all wonderful stuff in your life... Go to that, or at least I am thinking so...

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Power Of Self Control - TedX Talk

Kind of interesting... Healthy living, control and in my opinion... Mindfulness.