Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Wish I Could Ride Whistler Like Remy Metailler!

Was this guy born at Whistler? 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Culture, Creatives And Commerce At Google - How They Do It

I'm not the first one to realize how the world is changing, and changing fast. Think about it:
  1. More start-ups are launching NOW than ever before! Don't believe me, check out the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial activity report
  2. The capital is out there! There is start-up money, and in many cases, it comes with mentorship. For example, in little Durango, CO we have the SCAPE program.
  3. The tools are there (especially if you are in technology). From GitHub to Amazon RDS, any businessperson has the ability to create, host and support software solutions. 
In the American culture, it is the start-up/entrepreneur that usually wins the day with some incredibly powerful idea. It is the creative pursuit that drives positive change to this planet. But the question is, can the "start-up" mentality and constant creativity be harnessed in an established company? Answer: YES! And the proof is at Google.

Google, from my outside perspective, seems to be one of the giants constantly pushing the edge! Frankly, I don't really care about what Apple is doing. To me, they just keep re-doing the same stuff - launch cute products that really don't do much more than play music, allow for better social networking and purchasing of stuff. Yes, they crank revenue, but so what. I look at Google and I wonder: what are they doing to change the world next? I think of Google as having some kind of creative monster beneath that is trying to solve the world's big problems, not just the purchasing ones. And then I stumbled on this presentation... Google's culture attracts and retains the creative business people and product folks that like this kind of thinking: creative! Take a look for yourself...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vindication For My Diet Plan - Eat Big, And Carefully!

If you're a VERY active athlete, likely you enjoy all the benefits of healthy body, mind and spirit. I highlight VERY because only the elite and heavily trained athlete can enjoy one very cool benefit: eating just about anything you want! NPR recently wrote an article about the cyclist-stuffing diet. In other words, train hard and eat just about anything you want!

What interested me about this article is how it might be teaching some folks some bad habits. To take full advantage of this diet plan, your training needs to be pretty intense (3 - 5 hours a day). Most pro-leisure mountain athletes aren't even close to this during the week. However, on the weekend, we charge enough to make up for the inevitable workload that dominates our days. But if you're constantly burning off fat, with the assumption that you're doing the right thing by eating a lot, you're just causing your body excessive stress (burning unnecessary calories). Just because you train outside, doesn't mean you're working to such an intensity to warrant stuffing your face with highly caloric foods.

By NO STRETCH of the imagination am I a gluten-freak or sugar-subordinate. I think both gluten and sugar are wonders of the diet world. However, if you think food is both fuel and fun, then a careful approach to your diet will make more sense. Just be smart about your training diet plan... My approach:
  1. A healthy, but light, breakfast... I'm a granola and toast fan, so I start my day with a bowl of hearty granola with one piece of toast. On the weekends, before my activities, I'm a bacon and eggs eater. 
  2. Snack... I can't say enough about the 10:30 snack. I'm a huge fan! Nuts or popcorn do wonders to keep my mind aware and stomach satisfied. 
  3. Lunch... No question, lunch comes after training. I rarely eat before a lunch run or ride. The size of my lunch will depend on the type of training I did. If I wasn't able to get out, I keep lunch lite. 
  4. Afternoon treat... Come on! Got to have a piece of chocolate, or a cookie. Keeps the blood sugar up. I usually go somewhat heavy here (a bar is also in order), as this snack prepares me for after-work training. 
  5. Dinner... My favorite meal! I go big here. I'm not a fan of the lite dinner, as I believe it is the most important meal of the day, and the social aspect is totally cool too! 
  6. Late night... I usually wake up around 3:00 AM... I hate this, but it happens. A glass of whole milk is my late night snack. It keeps me grounded, and adds valuable protein. 
Perhaps you already eat like this, but my focus is don't over do it... Or, don't over do it every day! Happy eating and training! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everyone Gets Something From The Mountains...

Having a strong connection to the mountains, I was even more humbled by the jagged peaks and sandstone spires of the Southwest when I heard these words: everyone gets something from the mountains. Eddie Hunter, featured in the movie below, has been skiing the Canadian Rockies his entire life. He's likely done it all, and at 88 years old, he can attest to changes, both personal and outside of himself. The mountains, however, have been his one true constant.

But do we all have a sense of harmony like Hunters? Can we all find solace in our environment, or do we run and flock to the unknown? I find that the mountains help center my own chaos, and I do so with bike, ski or rope. I find that the pursuit of adventure to be the only meditation that calms my mind, and spirit. Like Hunter, I do take my time in the mountains. Like a wave of silence, I hope to be scuttled by their majestic calm to find peace.

Friday, October 10, 2014

You Getting Psyched For Red Rocks?

Can't help it... We are all getting a little excited for Red Rocks!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Where Does Creativity Come From?

Not really sure... But the most-watched TEDtalks by Sir Ken Robinson sparked my creativity...

Monday, October 06, 2014

You Have To Hold On, Tight

She Had Me At

And she likes to dance too...
She and I give and take
Is it wine, is it time, could you be mine!
Can you play? And then say
Yo no sey, I cannot stay...
... And then you stay!

Way back, ask me where I've been
Hollar, you're all my night
Should we be, should we might, so tonight...
Can you play? And you stay,
And we are back to the next few days.

And this is where you press play...