Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Spin Class

Yuck, this thing has sweat still on it! Listen mister, I had my towel here first so this means it is my spin bike! OK, ya’ll ready, let’s close our eyes and think of the gorgeous mountains, you know, like we are flying through them.

These phrases and many others like them are part of a world not of our own. It is an indoor existence. A place where mind, machine, body odor and techno music all converge. This singularity is called the spin class. Spinning is an exercise program that utilizes a specially designed stationary bicycle. The spinning bike is designed to mimic an outdoor bicycle ride. The bike has a fixed gear, racing handlebars, pedals equipped with clips or cages and an adjustable bike seat. The intensity of your workout can be adjusted by manipulating the resistance knob, which is located on each spinning bicycle.

At the front of the class, a spinning instructor leads each participant through a 40 – 60 minute session. Depending on the type of class, the instructor will use a variety of sprinting exercises, interval routines and heavy resistance training to simulate hill climbing. Using a headset microphone, the instructor details the intensity, resistance and speed the participants are to engage. Each participant has control and can ultimately regulate the amount of work load, which makes for an easy out if the instructor demands a 30-minute hill climb at the maximum level of resistance. A spin class will burn 500 – 800 calories per hour, depending on the amount of participant intensity and force applied by the bike.

The advantages of a spin class are many and the disadvantages few. For starters, a participant can easily escape freezing temperatures and continue their cycling training. The cost of the classes and a sore butt are some of disadvantages. For mountain bikers, the advantages are conditioning, pedaling technique training and a way to advance your social career. Who knows, that special someone may be right next to you. Overall, spinning makes for an interesting workout routine and escape in to an indoor world full of surprises.

For those of you interested in learning more about spinning class go to Spinning.com.



Spinning is so great - I used to fight it cause I felt all the stereotypes would be cast down on me. But anything that can make you sweat like that in the dead cold of winter is a great thing.

Holla at your boy...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You got to get into it! Definately worth the time and effort.