Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Turkey Trot or Not

Most of us will be heading in to the dreaded food coma fog in roughly 4 – 8 hours from now. As painful as the condition is, who would dare forsake it? The golden brown turkey, the stove top stuffing, cranberry sauce poured directly from the can and the oodles of mash potatoes that stain the sides of your lips for a good thirty minutes. Prior to that time, a lot of us will be running in Thanksgiving Turkey Trots. These 5-mile running races have become almost as much of a sports tradition as football is to the Midwest. Today will be my first Turkey Trot.

Considering Thanksgiving is more about gluttony than exercise, it boggles the mind of many who care more about the eating than the physical feat., an online sports registrar, sent out a poll to thousands of users to determine their rationality for running Turkey Trots. The results were interesting, but not very surprising.

Why do you participate in Turkey Trots?
1. To run off the damage I’ll do later: 33%
2. Get together with family or friends: 17%
3. It’s a yearly tradition: 31%
4. I don’t do Turkey Trots: 19%

For’s survey results click here.

I count myself in the 1st category. I want to feel empty before I subject myself to the sickening amounts of turkey and dressing. If you ran a Turkey Trot, what was your reason for doing it?

Thank you for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving…

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