Friday, December 16, 2005

All I Want for Christmas...

Every year publications ranging from business magazines to grade school newsletters complete a list of things to buy for Christmas. As a paying member of the Christmas Spirit, I figured my list was long overdue. Thus, I’m here to announce the ultimate in Christmas Lists.

My list departs from the normal Christmas List, as I felt the need to gorge it with reviews of the products suggested. Not only should you note the things to buy your mountain biking friend, you will be able to detail the finer aspects of the items, which will make you feel like the expert. The five ultra-Christmas gifts begin with the best and brightest stars and dwindle to last minute stocking stuffers. I’m sure many of you were looking for such a realistic, precise and well-planned list, so you can thank me for saving you from Christmas Day embarrassment. Here goes…

DT Swiss XR 1540 disc wheel set
Arguably, one of the most innovative wheel designers to come to the cycling scene in a long time is DT Swiss. Their high-end wheels serve a myriad of mountain biking disciplines. The cross country racer, downhill fanatic and free rider all have a home on DT Swiss technology. The XR 1540 (disc) is DT Swiss’ cross country Christmas miracle. Weighing in at 1,540 grams it is one of the lightest wheel sets on the market. However, don’t let this lightweight fool you. DT Swiss did not sacrifice durability. Constructed with a built-by-hand mantra, each XR 1540 passes strict quality control measures to ensure performance. The mountain biker in your family will appreciate the extra set, or new set of wheels. The advantage of having extra wheels is the measure of performance one wheel might have over another. The store-bought set might be older and perfect for training rides. They might also be the trash pair; so go ahead, jump into a new pair of killer wheels.

Park Tool Master Mechanic Tool Set
At over 120 tools, the Park Master Mechanic Tool Set is a gear-fixer-uper’s Noel dream come true. It can also turn any mechanical-declined person in to a precision-minded cog artist. You’ll find the essentials, as well as obscure tools such as a Threadless Saw Guide, Kick Stand tool and Fourth Hand Brake tool. Park is also the master of servicing the servicer. If you have questions, you can take one of their courses, or call their friendly professionals for more information.

Light in Motion ARC Li-Ion Ultra
Whether you’re the ultra bike marathoner, the commuter or the gear freak, you’ll want a bike light. When it comes to light technology, nothing compares to Light in Motion’s ARC Li-Ion Ultra. Worn by five-time bike marathon champion Chris Eatough, the light system is both reliable and durable. Generating 675 lumens for five hours, the ARC Li-Ion will make any 24-Hour of Moab rider a star to follow.

$300 in gasoline
Mountain biking on a pedestrian path just isn’t mountain biking at its finest. Mountain biking, is uh, done in the mountains. Your car and a tank full of gas are part of any excursion. Mountain bikers like to travel. New trails, views and experiences make our sport different than any other. The perfect gift for a mountain biker with the traveling buzz is a gasoline gift card. No gift this Christmas will bring out the holiday cheer than a gift card of gas for a mountain biker’s sleigh.

DeFeet Woolie Boolies
Let’s face it the winter is here. Although, your mountain biker may not be getting out as much, he/she will still brave the cold rides. One of the best sock companies out there is DeFeet. Their products have broken through the mist of sock manufacturers with accessories built for comfort and durability. Their winter sock is the Woolie Boolie. It is built with the highest quality merino wool available. Its sturdy elastic won’t bunch in your shoes and stays truer longer. Grab a bunch of these for your winter cyclist. Sure, giving socks may be the brunt of some jokes, but they’ll be thankful at 30-degrees.


Anonymous said...

It is kind of funny how gift certificates end of being a part of a lot of presents.

walkert said...

Agreed! They seem to be the hit of the season...