Thursday, December 01, 2005

Be Passionate

Passionate pursuits create more than individual satisfaction. It binds you to a group of passionate individuals. These people provide encouragement, support and the bond of commonality. It is our human nature to expose ourselves to others with similar interests. However, for those who do not share in the world of passionate endeavors, theirs is a troubled existence. I say this because we are a communal animal. We want others to express faith, hope, love, joy and passion with us. As children, most of us were part of something. We might have played soccer, built tree houses, dressed up dolls, loved our pets and many other activities. We were a part of worldly childhood. We were, as a group, expected to learn, grow, fart, bleed, cry, fall down and laugh. Then we grow up. We separate ourselves from others. We watch TV, consume, become constipated, fearful and lose the togetherness of the group. That is, unless you have a passion. Whatever you do in life, wherever you go, be passionate!

I am passionate about Mountain Biking

My thoughts swarm around new trails in far away places
Grease is constantly underneath my fingernails
I am a friend to soreness
It is quiet in the deep forests where I Mountain Bike
I’ve learned to take my bike apart and put it back together
My shoulder is always in pain
My feet fly underneath me
I’ve given money to organizations that support trail use
I love the intensity of Mountain Biking
I’ve won races
I’ve spent a lot of money on my pursuit of Mountain Biking

What are you passionate about?



Good show Walk T...Agree 100% with being passionate about something - anything in order to make the mundane day to day something exciting and full of hope/interest. You can still write pretty well I see - you should submit some of these to the local paper - maybe you could be a guest columnist...hope all is well brotha and tell your beautiful girlfriend hello

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the comment! I also learned passion from one of my employers. A good friend of mine and CEO of Mercury Payment Systems, told me that passion is what drives him above all other things, which is why he is so successful! Christina says hi!!!