Monday, January 16, 2006

Race Brainstorming...

I want to hold my own race. I know a lot about where, when and how long. What I don’t know is what is involved. Who should I be talking to for information regarding insurance? Does the course matter all that much? Does it have to suit the riding abilities of all the entrants? I’ve decided that this post will be about the brainstorming. The thought process is something I can control. It also doesn’t take anyone else to be involved.

OK. One of my favorite activities on a bike is the climbing. Getting to the top of some unknown peak is one of the most rewarding experiences. Thus, I’ve decided to hold a hill climb event on one of the most challenging “hills” around Durango, Colorado. The hill in question is Kennebec Pass in the La Plata Mountains. I’ve ridden this road numerous times and it always kills me. The road is steep, rocky and travels to 11,600 feet. The elevation gain is 4,500 feet. Talk about tough! It can take a rider two to three hours to crest the hill. However, a fit racer might do it in an hour and a half. It all depends on the rider. I believe a tough and grueling race up Kennebec Pass would be enough to crown someone “King of the Hill”. Furthermore, there isn’t a race like this one in all of Durango. I think this race would carve out a nice niche: hardcore, uphill and fast.

So far, I think my brainstorming has gone well. What do you think? Do you think this race has a place in the annuls of Durango racing?


evan said...

The kind souls at RPM Cycling recently had their first annual Mt. Princeton Hill Climb: and you may be able to talk with them about all the requirements involved with putting on a race, including land use permits, insurance, registration, getting sponsors, etc. Good Luck!

walkert said...

Thanks for the beta Evan. I'll have to ask them about the details on their race. I appreciate your comments on this one!!!