Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Guayaki is for Me!

The word addiction is just another way of saying how much you enjoy something. It helps readers, friends and listeners of conversation understand your level of commitment/involvement. The phrase, “I’m addicted to mountain biking” leaves no room for ambiguity. Everyone understands that you have a need. An undying passion for mountain biking. In other words, you would rather ride your bike than feed your dog. The same goes for other addictions.

I’m addicted to mountain biking, as well as Yerba Mate from Guayaki. Yes, these are the two powerful forces that run my life. Most of my blog - Chain Ring Action – has been devoted to describing my love of mountain biking. However, I want to focus on Mate for this post. To me Guayaki is the drink of choice. Its soothing mixture of all that’s good for you and the warm zing of the natural caffeine rush make for a pleasant way to ramp up before the day begins.

The tea itself is usually categorized as a green tea. However, the only comparison it has to green tea is the color. Yerba Mate is so much more. Beginning somewhere in Argentina, the Indigenous people began cultivating the Yerba tree. They found that the leaves had some medicinal properties. They also realized that the tea gave them a refreshing pick-me-up. After receiving the historical stamp of approval, Mate remains the drink of choice in South America. Mate is considered a social drink, much like coffee in the US. If you enter a home, and you are welcome in that home, you’ll be offered some Mate’; if, however, you are not welcome, then no Mate’ for you. It is possible that the South American’s are addicted to this drink as well. Can you imagine if you weren’t welcome in a home and you were addicted – like, OH MY GOD!

The most amazing characteristic of Guayaki’s Yerba Mate is how healthy it is for you. There are stories from the Indigenous people that tell of runners who would go for days with only a few tea leaves in there satchels. Yerba Mate is full of anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and good vibes. The power you receive from it is obvious. It also contains a mild stimulant. A natural caffeine that won’t bring you down like coffee. I call it the Mate Zing. Think of your best morning… What was it like? You probably rose out of bed in a flurry. You felt great! Life was full of possibilities. This is what the Mate’s Zing is all about. From your first cup to the last, you’ll be in a Zing-like state. Why, right this moment, I’m fully Zinged.

For those of you on the coffee bandwagon, I encourage you to try something different. Try Yerba Mate from Guayaki...


Cameron said...

I agree with Walker T's suggestion, although I sit here drinking a cup of the black stuff. When I did partake of the magic juice, I found it very beneficial and those I recommended to agreed. This was an interesting study that I found concerning Mate:

Gourds up.

Anonymous said...

Another Mate fanatic here. However, as one of the founders of a Colorado Mate company (Pixie Mate), I gotta ask you to try our Mate. We think its pretty darn good and our good pals over at IMBA couldn't agree more.
Send me an email through our website ( I'll get you some samples.
To your health