Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Preliminary Voting Results

For those of you interested in saving the environment please read on. If you would rather see us absorbed in arctic ice - Dennis Quaid style - then please close your browser and go burn some Styrofoam.

I decided to open the floor to a vote. I was interested in seeing how many of my readers would ride their bike to work and why. This issue was important enough to scientifically calculate because we all need to do our part to make riding a feasible transportation option to the working person. Below are the preliminary voting results.

Question: How many days would you ride a bike to work?

- five days a week: 57%

- four days a week: 14%

- three days a week: 14%

- two days a week: 14%

- one day a week: 0%

- I’d rather drive my car: 0%

Question: Why Would You Ride Your Bike to Work?

- I Want to Save Money on Gas: 25%

- I Don't Own a Car: 13%

- I Need the Exercise: 38%

- I Want to do My Part in Saving the Environment: 13%

- It is Cool: 13%

- I Bought this Stupid Bike so I'd Better Use it: 0%

Please cast your vote!

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