Friday, February 03, 2006

Valuable Information...

Sharing information is easier than stealing apple pies from window sills these days. Thanks to the dominance of blogs, podcasts and websites, we can now find out most anything about anything. Locating this information is easy. It is a click away on Google or Itunes. However, using this information and finding the best sites is a difficult task. Typically, we ask our friends for advice, or we look to blogs, magazines or other media outlets for clues on what to read and when to listen. But, then we struggle with valuing their opinion. Who has the best opinion and who is wrong is up to the eye (or ear) of the beholder. As a result, I’ve decided to do my part in sharing some blogs and podcasts that I read and listen too. I’m not suggesting these are the best in their class, I’m suggesting that they offer some value to me.

Blog and Podcasts:

Alpha Dub Podcast:

Incredible new music from DJ’s and MC’s from all over the world.

Entreprenuial Thought Leaders Podcast:

A lecture series from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

Alan Watts Podcast:

From acclaimed philosopher Alan Watts comes a recording of his most memorable lectures.

Killer Innovation Podcast:

High Tech Executive Phil McKinney gives his news and analysis on some of the most cutting edge technical innovations.

NPR’s Science Friday:

Entertaining science stories and information.

The Marketer’s Podcast:

Fascinating interviews and ideas on marketing and public relations.

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