Friday, February 24, 2006

The "W" in Hawaii Sounds More like a "V"

I'm in Hawaii. However, the fun in the sun I was expecting hasn't turned out. We've been dealing with light showers and some thunderstorms since we arrived. No, the rain hasn't dampened my spirits, but it has slowed my riding up some.

On this trip I decided to take the road bike instead of the mountain bike. My reasons were clear, or I should say, cloudy. Prior to leaving I took in three days of weather review. It was obvious to me that the rain would fall in copious amounts. Thus, with the potential wet lava-clay soil to contend with, I took to the streets.

The road riding in Hawaii is pretty amazing. Good hills to climb, long stretches of flats to hammer and odd-looking animal life have been the norm. So far my favorite rides have been on the East side of Oahu. Granted, Oahu is the only island I've been too.

My only beef with the riding in Hawaii is the traffic. Hawaii is NOT a bike friendly place. Yesterday, I was pushed off the road by a cement truck. I could see his tires jerk to the side, like he did it on purpose. When this happened I took to the adjacent lawn and then jumped a curb.

There will be more to come...

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