Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Out of the Ordinary

Last night I took a trip. Actually, the entire day was filled with amazing snow, mountain views and telemark skiing. Then, through the full moonlight, my friend and I skinned for two hours to the top of Mt. Anvil. At the top, of the 12,000 foot peak, it was as if we could pluck the stars from the sky. The valley below was barely visible, as the surrounding luminous mountains seemed to go on forever. We took our time skiing through the moonlight. It was remarkable. We could see every obstacle. The 30-degree slope seemed to shine with every passing moment as the moon rose ever further into the night sky. At the bottom, safely beside our cars we took it all in. We relished in our adventure. It is in this spirit that I write this post.

So many times we are inundated with stories about people doing great things, taking great risks and finding wonderful adventure, or some golden ticket in a chocolate bar. I truly feel that adventure is out of your front door. It is sticking a head lamp on your head and going for a hike near a creek by your house. New adventure might come from a night mountain bike ride through your entire neighborhood. It might be as simple as going down to the town park to do jumping jacks. Whatever your pursuit, you should know that adventure is anywhere.

So this begs the question. What have you done lately to expand your horizons? Did you just go to the gym, or did you go to the gym to try all the equipment you’ve never tried before? Tell me! How has adventure touched you lately?


Bintrim said...

I live near one of the largest rivers that runs through my state. With the spring rains it comes over the banks regularly and changes the landscape and leaves new un-natural deposits (trash). It is always an adventure to run through this area as you never know what you'll come across. It is currently flooded so my runs have been re-routed but I am waiting in anticipation to see what treasures (trash) the river will deposit on it's sandy banks.

Cameron said...

Yesterday my 2 yr old son and I walked around our neighborhood, the Paseo. I mention the name for those of you who know how random it can. As we walked by an old abandoned building, Brycen went right up to it with such curiosity about all the junk surrounding it. He was on uncharted territory and wanted to experience it to the fullest. It reminded me of how small our little daily world is relative to the earth, much less our enormous solar system, and inspired me to be more receptive to the wonders around me even Oklahoma City.

walkert said...


That's incredible. Sounds like adventure-running for sure.