Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who's scared of a little feedback?

As of late, I’ve noticed that some of my favorite online publications have continuously asked for feedback about their site. I’m looking for something more akin to rude and inappropriate comments about what you read at Chain Ring Action. Below you’ll see a comment icon. Go ahead and click on it. Write something that touches the edge of the politeness envelope. Are you scared to write something? Go ahead, tell me that this site rules or that it sucks beyond all belief. I would love to write back at you…


Cameron said...

Walker Thompson's Chain Ring Action brings a nice pleasure to my daily read. I would like to be rude, but there's really nothing to say except thank your photographer for some outstanding photos.

Anonymous said...


You are a sweet pickle for saying that. I'll pass online your nice comments to the media center folks in the third tower of WalkerMediaControlsOfLikeTheWorld!

Walker T

BUBBAJ said...

You blog is so good it drive's me nuts.

I mean you can have your titles in the right hand column and i can't. Your pictures and articles are GREAT!, which is enough to piss anyone off.

Well, thats about as rude as a Canadian can get. Like I'm pretty sure I sinned in the above paragraph.

P.S: sorry if I offended you

Anonymous said...


Your words are sweet magic to me! Is everyone this kind in cyber space.

Walker T