Monday, April 17, 2006

Another poll, Walker?

Yeah, but this poll is a lot more funner (hee hee). I am curious, if you had all the resources of the world at your fingertips where would you go to take a mountain bike vacation. To visit the poll click here.


Dave Harris said...

Walker! Just stumbled across your site here. good stuff.

As for destinations, well, Durango damn fine and hard to top. Tough being a local, eh?

walkert said...

For those of you check out this comment Dave is a master at endurance races! Google his name and you'll find out how he placed 2nd in the 24 hours of moab - 17 laps, I believe! Incredible!!!

BUBBAJ said...

Well walkert, I'd have to say that where ever the hell you are in that picture would be a fine start. However, there is also the great frontier of B.C, perhaps france, italy. Far to many to choose from.

walkert said...


I'm in Fruita, NM. You're right. I should work on providing captions for these pics. I agree with your thoughts on the matter - BC, France and Italy would be awesome!!!