Saturday, April 15, 2006

Getting Skinny...

The Dawn til Dusk race in Gallup, NM was a blast. The picture you see to the left is of your's truly starting another lap on the 12.5 mile course. Some ragging fan took this picture and sent it to me. When I received it, the first thing I noticed was my arms. I look like an erector set. I guess it is that time of the year when long rides take off the winter pounds (not that I've ever been that heavy). So, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking about my diet. Typically, I fill my gut with an assortment of chocolate bars and ginersnaps. There are also times when vegetables make it down the hatch, but it can be rare. Naturally, I'm thinking my diet isn't going to assist me on my way to international cycling stardome. I'm sure there are many of you who race or ride hard. As a benefit to your cycling, you overeat or eat a bunch of crap, like me. This begs the question what do you eat during the summer months? Do you focus on your diet? What is your favorite meal?

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, I love summertime for warm sunshine, long evening runs, and light meals. Baby mixed greens, cucumber, dill, and tomato salad with a light rice wine vinegrette, fresh mint and lemon ice water, and cool, refreshing fruit sorbets... I'm always amazed by the summer transformations brought on by eating light, outdoor fun, and those glorious Colorado summers!

Thanks to my favorite cookbook "Fresh" (thank you, Vanessa!!!!), Walker T and I will be dining on the most wonderful combinations of simple, healthy, and light meals all summer long.... although Walker's gingersnaps will never be too far out of reach.
-Punkin Pants