Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So you come to my blog, you read whatever you like and then you toss me a comment. Well, those days are over my friends. Now, I invite you to visit a new site dedicated to mountain bikers - that's right, let me repeat that: DEDICATED TO MOUNTAIN BIKERS!

YOURMTB.COM is full of stories and information from riders like you and me. isn't out to cater to the big pros and sponsors. It is about finding the small details about a new trail in Missouri or a new fashion trick for the ladies - and dudes. The site will contain such a community of mountain bikers ready to share their vision, lives and apres trail experience - now won't that be fun?

I am playing a big role in this new website. I'm considered the "Enthusiast in Chief". That's right I've stepped up into the corporate world, well, not really. The deal is I'm the site editor. My job is to get your butts off my blog and into the world. I'm also creating podcasts and some video that will be coming soon! In other words, I'm taking all things mountain biking and giving them a better forum in

So, if you haven't been there by now, I encourage you to visit the site. What's the site name you ask? YOURMTB.COM.

PS: I'll still be around here, too...

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BUBBAJ said...

Dude, now i gotta be all journalistic and stuff. Gonna hav'ta go git some book lern'in on how to spell and such.!