Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alternative therapy...

Do you have that one friend who has crystals around his neck? Does his girlfriend talk to you about dancing in the smoke of Zenu? Would you consider their carpet of the "shag" nature? Don't you love hanging out with them? Everyone has that one weird couple they hang out with, on the weekends. They promote new kinds of experiences, foods and other things. Its this couple who also talked to you about acupuncture.

Alternative therapies are an interesting bunch. Things like Reiki, Hypnosis, Reflexology and Trance States have the backing of most researchers. Alternative therapies, or medicine, is quickly becoming of the main tools for athletes, as well.

Lance Armstrong's Chiropractic services are well known to the cycling world. Jeff Spencer, D.C. practices had to play some role, right. Other athletes, such as runners, triathlets and cyclists have claimed that there is an obvious performance enhancement. As for me, I sit quietly for a couple of minutes of each day and do some light stretching. I've been to acupuncturists; I've had my body rubbed down by a student massues; rolfers have worked me, harly; and so on it goes.

My opinion is THEY WORK! They can change your life forever. They know the human body, because they have too. They know the human subconscious becaue they want, too. One of the very useful by-products of their treatment is positive energy. You just feed better and isn't that what it is about, anyway?

So, what's your experience with alternative therapies...

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