Monday, May 22, 2006

Chile Challenge - good God man!

Well my first Mountain States Cup race as a semi-pro is over! I'm not sure how I did overall. I can tell you that I didn't place 1st - 3rd, but I had a lot of fun and feel like I earned a lot of respect for not crashing on the Jalapeno Cross Country course in Angel Fire, NM.

The riding was spectacular. One of the best rides of my life. The course was full of nasty rock gardens and technical switch backs that seemed to go on forever - I feel like my chest muscles grew by a couple of inches. Climbs that went on for miles, sand traps that ate your tires and road climbs that tore your lungs out were also a part of the race course.

My recommendation is race the Chile Challenge or hit up Angel Fire, NM for some incredible riding!

A full race report is available on

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