Tuesday, May 30, 2006


What is the best part about riding like we do? Is it the riding, or is it the apres food? I vote for the food, and then the riding. Well, actually, I'm having some difficulty with this.

Over the weekend I hit the riding scene pretty hard. I raced in the Iron Horse and then rode an epic here in Durango. Once I finished with my riding responsibilties it was off to a wedding. I was psyched about all the free food and good drinks. Who hasn't been to a wedding where all the goodies are laid right out in front of you. The gorging possibilities are endless.

This next week is an off week, so no racing. I'm happy as the funds are getting tight. I'm also happy about the chance to ride some bigger stuff up north in Ouray! Finally, it will be pumpkin time - more time with my Fiance.

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