Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chalk Creek Stampede

Last weekend you would have been riding in ultra-aerobic fashion if you signed up for the Chalk Creek Stampede. You also would have been surprised to know that Nathrop, CO, where the race was held, is actually a town. After finishing this Mountain States Cup race, you would have been psyched to enjoy the rest of the riding near Salida, CO and Buena Vista, CO. Finally, you would have met me there, as well.

The race was mostly flat and very aerobic. The semi-pro and pro men group, the one I was in, started at the same time. The entire field felt like 30 - 40 strong, which ended up throwing a lot of dust and dirt into my lungs. It also meant that the first short climb would be packed with riders, which it was. Once the group separated it was sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint.

In the end, it was another successful Mountain States Cup race for me. I still have a lot to learn on being semi-pro. These guys take off so fast, it kills me. I end up making up some of the time about half-way through the race, but by then, it is middle of the pack for me. Oh, well, this being my first year as semi-pro, I guess I should take it all as a learning experience.


Bintrim said...

I'm sure you take off fairly fast yourself to have excelled to the point you are at. You'll get it figured out.

walkert said...

Thanks for the support!