Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I want to win a GravityDropper seat post

You're at home. I know you are. I can see you. OK, I can't, but I can tell you that from your computer you could win some very cool stuff at yourmtb.com. Check out these contests below and click the link at the bottom for more details!

Contest One:

Best Action Video-
This one is dear to my heart. I'm a very amateurish videographer. This means I sometimes forget to take off the lense cap. Even though I have my issues, I think it is a blast to tape my friends riding hard. I've even handed the camera over to my friends to hook me up on film - OK, maybe that happens a little too often, but I want to make sure my hair looks good. If tape your friends (or yourself) when their are involved in some cool mtb action, and we think it is cool, too, then we'll send you a gravity dropper seat post. Check out the details here.

Contest Two:

Best Anti-Gravity Photo-
Have you ever seen Moonraker? It is a James Bond film. If you haven't seen it, then your missing out on the 1980's best anti-gravity scenes. You know, James Bond style: guys with big collars and yellow jump suits spinning around and around in SPACE. If you can send us your best anti-gravity picture then we'll give you a gravity dropper seat post. Some ideas I've heard already have been pretty good, but I'm waiting for the one with the jumpsuit.

For more details on both contests click here. What are you waiting for?

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