GUESS WHAT? I'm updating my contact info and you made the cut!!! Yes, I want YOU to know how to reach ME. This offer only comes once a year, so act now!!!

What Can You Do To Take Advantage Of This Great Opportunity?

1. Open your Outlook contact folder and create a new/edit contact info
2. Go to www.linkedin.com and get, well, linked to me
3. Skype: walker thompson and be forever able to chat with me
4. Go www.facebook.com and become a "friend"
5. Do nothing and regret it for the rest of the week!

What's The Biggest Change Walker?

My phone number is back to the old form: 970-759-1277

How Can I Stay Tuned To The Latest Walker Updates?

- Be sure to check out my latest blog posts on www.chainringaction.blogspot.com (great offer on my used camper trailer: http://www.chainringaction.blogspot.com/)
- Don't miss out on all the latest mountain biking action on www.yourmtb.com (this link is really cool: http://www.yourmtb.com/image/ribbon_trail_fruita_co)
- Wait for an updated vcard - coming next year!!!
- Chat/email me and I'll tell you all about your Thanksgiving FUTURE (first fortune telling is free, $20/per after that)

What You've Been Waiting For Is Below

Walker Thompson
Durango, CO
Skype: walkerthompson