Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jobs, Kawasaki and Godin: Their Presentation Methods Examined

I love giving or helping with speeches. This weekend I helped craft a speech for the re-grand opening of Kite Park in Oklahoma City, OK. The speech paid tribute to the change the City of Nichols Hills made to its premiere park.

Located in one of Oklahoma's oldest neighborhoods, the park represents the hard work of nearly 50 people from contractors to those that donated money to enhance the park's image and landscape. The entire project was lead by Peter Hoffman, city representative and local businessman. In under one year, Hoffman was able to transform the park from mud pit to its former prestige. The re-grand opening was a tribute to all who worked so hard to make the park a "new" reality.

What I learned from my speech writing process was three-fold: 1) create a great opening that is simple to "get"; 2) think linearly so people can understand; 3) make it short and sweet. Who did I help? My mother. We developed her speech in roughly two hours to make it perfect for presentation. And with the process that I - kind of - developed during our discussions, I think we did a pretty good job. After listening to my Mom give the speech (great job Mom), I wanted to look to see if there were other speech and presentation methods out there, from people I follow regularly.

Let me start by saying, there are thousands of methods out there. From outline style to delivery, everyone has an opinion on speech/presentation development. However, I like to follow a few people who regularly give presentations in the software world. Garr Reynolds blog, Presentation Zen, captures the essence of great presentations. You might say he made it easy to write this blog, because he did the work to discuss all the "methods" of my favorite presenters - enjoy.

1. Guy Kawasaki's "Kawasaki Method" for presentations:

2. Seth Godin's "Godin Method" for presentations:

3. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates:

4. Lawrence Lessig "Lessig Method":

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