Friday, November 21, 2008

I've Started Another Addiction, But This Time With Proper Tools

HI EVERYBODY! Yesterday, I bought a new Blackberry. You're probably wondering if I purchased the storm, well I didn't. I'm an Itouch addict (still can't use an Iphone in Durango, CO - stupid hick town), so I don't want another touch screen system. I wanted something easy, tough and reliable (not going to buy first generation stuff anymore). So I bought the Blackberry Curve - I like it. Set up was simple and fun. I even downloaded a streaming audio service from Nobex - and it worked first time.

So why the buy? Several reasons...

1. As much as I love my gmail, I hate my gmail address when corresponding with customers:

2. I wanted email that synced.

3. My old Motorola Q screen was cracked and the battery died on me.

4. I wanted a better camera option (I'm into taking pics with my phone now).

I know it isn't the most exciting news from ChainRingAction, but it is news...!

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