Monday, November 24, 2008

Gold Bar Rim And Why Do People Post Things To The Internet

One can't capture the sheer beauty of Moab, UT, especially with a BlackBerry phone. And this is what amazes me about the internet, the willingness for people to share things (even crappy pictures from smart phone). Here I am loading a random picture of Gold Bar Rim on my blog for the world to see. Why am I doing this? What drives me to take my life/thoughts/experiences and post them online? What makes others want to do the same but with even more content?

I thought about this a lot during my weekend ride through the Moab, UT vistas. I came to one conclusion, we need more people in our life than we think we do. OK, we are a social species, so that is obvious, but the craving to reach out to people is stronger than you might think. Without a sense of belonging or a feeling of importance, we would suffer. The internet allows anyone to feel important by saying things that are, or are not, important. We feel like we have a voice.

What's your excuse? Why do you stay on your Facebook account until midnight? Why do you post EVERY SINGLE PICTURE YOU'VE EVER TAKEN to Flickr? Why do you reach out to chat with someone when you know you don't need to ask anything particular?

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