Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did You Listen To Barak Obama On Meet The Press?

As many of you know, NBC's Sunday new show "Meet The Press" is one of my most favorite programs. For the past five years, I've listened and watched religiously (the show is actually the longest running in broadcast history: 60 years). The show usually has some of the biggest news makers on and last Sunday continued with that tradition.

President-Elect Barack Obama was on the show and I was extremely proud to listen in. Funny how much confidence a poised and educated man can instill in you. He was articulate, to the point and open. If you haven't heard the latest, listen here:

David Gregory was also named as the new host of "Meet The Press". He continues a long tradition of very serious journalists taking the helm of the show. Previous to Gregory was Tom Brokaw who temporarily took the Meet The Press chair after Tim Russert died suddenly earlier this year. Welcome David!

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