Monday, December 15, 2008

The Difference Between Me And Pumpkin

The previous post contained my kind of trip: hard mountain biking. Believe me when I tell you that's just about all I want to do in my life! But, then there's my sweet little pumpkin head - Christina. She is the more well-rounded type. After a ride on South Mountain trail in Phoenix, AZ - a great trail with a mixture of technical riding and XC; we hit the desert botanical gardens. Now, this was not an easy venture for pumpkin. At that point in this day, I had only done 1 activity. When a typical day is filled with 3 - 4 activities, well, this was a challenge to overcome. She was able to convince me to go; actually, I was very happy to have gone...

In between the amazing cacti were glass structures that seemed to have come from a different planet. However, after learning more about the artsy glass, I come to find out they were part of an exhibit. The artist: Dale Chihuly does with glass what the mind can with stories. He bends, molds and creates shapes of glass that just don't seem possible. Check out the pictures:

Succulent cacti and more Chihuly

My pumpkin!

Cool ice blocks

Some times it was hard to distinguish the glass from the cacti

Aloe from Africa! They had cacti from all over the world at the desert botanical gardens

Way cool boat full of glass...

I could see the artist was having fun here

Never seen cacti like this before

The glass art was placed in very unique places throughout the botanical garden. Way cool to learn about cactus while viewing art!

This was one of my favorites - little Mexican hats

Up close pics of the entrance

Can you tell which one is art?

How I'd like to live my life: ride, work out of car, drink wine with pumpkin!

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christina said...

Let me just say that "convincing Walker to go" involves his kicking, screaming, obscenities, and throwing things around. Thankfully, he was "happy to have gone"....