Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Reading Getting Real By 37Signals...

I've blogged about this before, but the book by Basecamp creators "Getting Real" is a true gem on product management. What's more, people can connect to it even if they're not product managers. Check it out: http://gettingreal.37signals.com/toc.php.

Some great quotes...

Choose tools that keep your team excited and motivated

A happy programmer is a productive programmer. That's why we optimize for happiness and you should too. Don't just pick tools and practices based on industry standards or performance metrics. Look at the intangibles: Is there passion, pride, and craftmanship here? Would you truly be happy working in this environment eight hours a day?

Work with prospective employees on a test-basis first

It's one thing to look at a portfolio, résumé, code example, or previous work. It's another thing to actually work with someone. Whenever possible, take potential new team members out for a "test drive."

Don't split into silos

Too many companies separate design, development, copywriting, support, and marketing into different silos. While specialization has its advantages, it also creates a situation where staffers see just their own little world instead of the entire context of the web app.

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