Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Trip - Days One and Two

I love my winter vacation! Every year my wife and I head to the desert for a break. Christina likes to call it Bikini Bootcamp where she participates in 3 - 4 exercises a day (Walker-style). I like to call it Walker's Trip. Whether mountain biking, skiing, climbing, running, road biking or hiking, we hit it super hard! This year we have plans to go to So. Cal, but with the storm of the season headed our way, I'm not sure this is in the cards (we actually do want to be outside). Instead, we are thinking about Tucson/Silver City/El Paso - wherever the weather is warmer...

Here are some pics from Black Canyon City Trails. A new mountain bike area North of Phoenix - totally cool trails. Super mellow, long and fun!

Black Canyon trails

A classic Walker shot

Actually this is at McDowell Mountain Park. For those avid readers of ChainRingAction, you'll remember this one from last year.

Is that pumpking banking it?



I think I was modeling here...


EVOMO said...

yea, we have a big storm coming in tonight (sunday) that will be dumping rain Mon-Wed. That means MUD! Muddy trails are terrible to ride and riding them when wet creates some additional erosion that isnt good.

Let me know when you plan on coming out to SoCal again!

I got to go put on my parka now... its 54 degrees!

walkert said...

I know... Bummer! We'll be out there again...