Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, The Places You Love

Perhaps it is getting older, maybe it is just me; or could be YOU! I've found that when I travel to other places, nowhere is better than where I am now. No, I'm not suggesting that in a Zen sense, but making a point about Durango, CO. Yep, I love Durango, CO; more like the 4-corners area. If you don't know what I'm referring too, then check out the picture below:

Basically, it is a one big plateau. To be particular it is the Colorado Plateau. The Plateau includes a small part of western Colorado and northwestern New Mexico, much of northern Arizona and a substantial part of Utah. In this area, we have it all: good people, killer BC skiing, amazing mountain biking, excellent food, no crowds, undiscovered country, committed progressives, and an anything goes attitude. Do other places have these things, yes; but I love these things where I live!

Now, this blog isn't just about where I live, but where you live. Are you as excited about your area? You should be! I'm only writing about where I live, because that's where I am now. In Oklahoma, I loved it there too (not as much as here, but I did something about that didn't I?). In Oklahoma, I drove all over to find the best rocks and trails. I can tell you where to climb, ride and run; just like I can here. My point is you should love where you live and find your passion there. If you can't find it there, then MOVE! You can always make money, it is all about your passion...


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