Would You Want Enemy Combatants In Your Town

President Bush didn't ask for any economic sacrifice when it comes to the war on terror: no gas rationing, scrap metal collection, tax increase to pay for the war, war bonds or draft. Pretty easy to support a war when all you have to do is watch it on TV. Now, Obama is asking Americans (conservative and liberals) to sacrifice by allowing enemy combatants to reside on US soil.

With an executive order, Obama will close the base in Guantanamo, Cuba where over 200 enemy combatants are being held. And NPR, our source for all the best debate, recently produced a show asking the question of people in Leavenworth, KS and a Republican congressman - why not and why are you opposed to this? The reason: we are scared! Of course we are scared, but that's war, right? Seems funny to me that we won't even sacrifice on this level either. Also seems to me that we are in this situation because there hasn't been a culture of "asking for sacrifice". Obama is clearly changing this...

What are your views? Would you want a terrorist held in your backyard maximum security prison? Did you know we are holding terrorists in those prisons now...???


EVOMO said…
at least we would know where they are...

unfortunately we may have rounded up innocent people too. 9/11 was a terrible event, but Bush had such a cow boy attitude that seemed to be grounded on shoot 1st ask questions later mentality. now we (Obama) has to figure out whats best and how to clean up this mess.

i was not alive for WWII, but everyone should remember from their history books:

Japanese-American Internment Camps in California.

Sound familiar?