Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christina For City Council

My wife is running for City Council, and as a voter in Durango, CO, I'm very pleased... Why? Well, let's have other sources answer that question and I'll tell you my reasoning below:

From a DowntownDurango.com article:

“I don’t think that resourcefulness and being environmentally conscious are mutually exclusive,” said Thompson, also acknowledging the diverse definitions of “open space” in the community. “I think they can be brought together. It’s important to remember that social responsibility and environmental responsibility are also tied to our economy.”

Christina speaks to her supporters at the kick-off reception at Carver Brewing Co.

She cites her strong support of in-fill development, plus enhancement of the live-work opportunities Downtown that contribute to its vibrancy and safety, while eliminating the need for workers to commute excessive distances.

And from Christina's website: here she "asks us" what issues are important. I like this idea, because in the political process you always here, "working families" and "the American people" need this or that. But really what do they know? As for me, I'm excited about Christina because she cares. Being genuine comes naturally for Christina and when she talks about her tagline: it's your city; she means it. Although I'm a bit biased here, I do believe Christina will do a great job!

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