Monday, February 09, 2009

Review Of Steamboat Springs, CO Skiing

Telemarkers are a certain kind of skier. We require no amenities; we rarely apres ski and we stay out until our legs are blowing up. The only thing we demand is good snow! Over the weekend, I was in Steamboat Springs, CO for a conference and the snow, well, it wasn't powder, but it wasn't that bad.

We hit that mountain hard; at least where the snow was good. My first pass on the mountain was a hike UP on the cordorouy through the BC Way trail. Yep, I was dorking out on the mountain. I just didn't want to pay a $91 lift ticket for a few hours of skiing. The next day, I had a 20% off ticket and faired well. We skied all the chutes and stayed mostly on lookers left. On Saturday, I had a great day. First off, the people I was skiing with were incredible - I was the only telemarker, so I took up the rear. Secondly, we pushed hard through the snow up on North Pats and East Face.

Overall, I give the mountain a "B". It is a good mountain, but some of the hiking terrain makes you traverse over a long way. Secondly, I felt as though the mountain was over-priced. $91 is one thing for Telluride or Vail, buuuuttttt Steamboat. Hell, what do I know; most of my skiing is in the backcountry anyway!

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