The Last Week Of The Durango City Council Campaign, Almost

John Wells gave an amazing speech at the Sorrel Sky fundraiser... He said, "if you believe in someone who is smart, caring, full of integrity, creative and willing to go the extra mile, then that's the person you should vote for"... Christina obviously has those qualities, but what John was getting at wasn't candidate endorsement it was that everyone has a voice - IF YOU VOTE!

John is right! It is getting closer to the time when you should tell your friends, colleagues and family members TO SUPPORT A CANDIDATE, and most importantly, VOTE! March 23rd is walk-in election day. A simple way to make sure your voice is heard is going to the polls on that day to cast your opinion on how you'd like to see Durango improved. But don't worry if you don't walk in, YOU WILL GET A BALLOT IN THE MAIL - Christina is FIRST ON THE LIST.

How can you support a smart, caring, full of integrity, creative and willing to go the extra mile person, LIKE CHRISTINA?

1. Try writing a letter to the DurangoHerald editor:
2. Pick up a sign or sticker from Christina at her office in Crossroads Durango: MAP HERE
3. Tell three new people they might consider voting for Christina by forwarding this email. Christina's website (if you would like to link to it in your blog):
4. Support Christina on her Facebook page

Why support? Christina made a some points the other day at the Eggs and Issues debate:

1. Owners of mother-in-law apartments should be allowed to rent them - it just might pay for a mortgage, and more people just might live downtown (Do I hear infill?????)
2. Smart growth is what we have now - 1 - 2%, let's keep smart growth our goal
3. Open space is critical, and she applauds the hundreds of acres already purchased in horse gulch
4. There are many support services for small businesses and we need to do what we can to help
5. It is all about collaboration
6. Infill development is a key agenda item for Christina - let's maximize the space we do have

Thank you for your support!