News From The Campaign Trail

My wife is running for city council. Yesterday she was invited to answer questions at a chamber of commerce sponsored event called Eggs And Issues. All of the candidates were asked to join. They all sat at a table that faced the rest audience; about 70 of us. Directly in front of the candidates were reporters who asked the questions. If you have a spouse who has run for city council and had to answer questions like this, then you were probably as nervous as I was. But, what a show!

The questions started off easy: why are you running for city council. However, the questions became more challenging as the session went on: assuming there will be cuts in the budget, where would you cut first. Christina was poised and relaxed. She answered eloquently and with charm. She also mentioned preserving open space, before anyone else did - which is critical in my eyes! The questions kept coming: what would you change. The session ended with a lightning round of questions: yes or no, only please.

At the end, Christina did great! She also got great feedback from the voters - again, great work!

For more info on Christina's run for city council, go here: