Saturday, April 11, 2009

Giving Back, As Posted On The Evomo Blog

Durango’s freeride scene is starting to pick up, and so are my skills. Both, the trails and skills development, take time and tender loving care. OK, the trails need more tender loving care. And that’s the big thing I’ve learned from freeriding - aside from gap jumps. Freeriders take care of their trails. Whether digging, screwing in logs, piling up dirt or removing trash (or making it an obstacle), developing a trail is part of the game. There is no glory in developing a trail, except your friends glory, so I presume they do it for the love.

I took this learning lesson to the local trail system yesterday. Instead of just riding, I took some tools with me and re-built a bridge drop. It wasn’t an organized event, just me and some nails. On this same trail, I plan to build even more options and more technical terrain. But it won’t be a committee joining, just me. It is all about giving back!

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