Saturday, May 23, 2009

A White Prom And A Black Prom - Really?

In Georgia, waaaay South, it is still true, and yes, happening... In Montgomery County in South-Central Georgia there is a black prom and a white prom. I just read this story in the New York Times and had to do a double take on the story. According to the article...
Students of both races say that interracial friendships are common at Montgomery County High School. Black and white students also date one another, though often out of sight of judgmental parents. “Most of the students do want to have a prom together,” says Terra Fountain, a white 18-year-old who graduated from Montgomery County High School last year and is now living with her black boyfriend. “But it’s the white parents who say no. … They’re like, if you’re going with the black people, I’m not going to pay for it.”
From the students, the reaction is even stronger...
“It’s awkward,” acknowledges JonPaul Edge, a senior who is white. “I have as many black friends as I do white friends. We do everything else together. We hang out. We play sports together. We go to class together. I don’t think anybody at our school is racist.” Trying to explain the continued existence of segregated proms, Edge falls back on the same reasoning offered by a number of white students and their parents. “It’s how it’s always been,” he says. “It’s just a tradition.”
Personally, I never say "I have black or white or Indian friends", I just say friends, but who cares. This kid is burdened with a so-called tradition that WILL have an effect.

What do you think?

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