Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is Calling It "Training" A Good Idea?

Over the weekend, I decided to change my attitude on "training". I started thinking more about WHY I ride, climb, run, hike... My goal isn't to train, but to, well, just go outside. I realized I'm more about getting to places I haven't seen before: new trails, new boulders. I came to the conclusion that training just isn't enough; the word doesn't tell MY story. I've changed my view on training...

I think about it this way: does a heroin addict call his addiction "training"? I don't think so... I'm calling my "training" my passionate addiction.

This new term is fundamentally altering my sense of going outside. It means that I'm overly committed to my passion - above all else! It means that I will pursue my passion, even if I have to dumpster dive. It means that I will form my life around my passion and not my passion around my life. I'm committed...

"Training" is just something you do; whereas a passionate addiction is something you ARE all ABOUT.

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