Friday, June 26, 2009

Matrix-Style Biomechanical Feedback Test

"HOLY biomechanical feedback Batman." Said Robin. "Yes, Robin, the system is powerful. Perhaps we can use this to do even more good for Gotham... Hmm..."

That's just about my take after visiting with my friends Jeff and Luke this week. Here I was expecting to just hang out, but instead, I walk in to a technological center with computers and wires galore. Almost immediately, it was "Walker, time to test your balance and fitness level with our biomechanical feedback system and the WII fit." I was in for it, for sure...

The system Jeff and Luke are using is incredibly powerful. Their idea is to build a connections with patients that have never been thought of before (at least, I haven't heard anything like it). Without giving away too many details, let's just say as an athlete, I think they have found the future of training. If you are in rehab, then get ready for massive improvement to your recovery plan!

What the screen looks like with me dialed in and in "skeleton" mode.

Me getting dialed in...

The set up screen... All of these biofeedback is wireless - COOL!

They both thought it would be funny, if I were a girl avatar

Luke was kind enough to help me take those crazy electrodes off my arm

When these guys launch this thing, watch out!

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