Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama's Mountain Biking Record

Aren’t we a large part of the voting public? Doesn’t our voice matter? If you voted for Obama, then maybe you’re like me: I totally support the man, and I’m keeping tabs. One key issue that I’m concerned about is saving our trails and mountain bike access. Here’s the record, that I’ve found:

According to Wired Magazine, who gave Obama an A-, he’s doing some of the right things from an environmental perspective. But, I had to keep digging to find out more. I recently found this website, www.sustainlane.com, that reviews just about all of Obama’s actions on sustainability and the environment. OK, but nothing about trails… Hmmm… Finally, after a few more minutes, I found something: A Public Lands Omnibus Bill signed by Obama. Have you seen this?

President Obama last week signed into law the 160-bill Public Lands Omnibus Management Act, legislation that is largely positive for the mountain biking community. IMBA and local riders were directly involved in negotiations concerning individual bills that directly affect mountain biking.

And then this showed up on my radar…

Mountain bikers are buzzing about a $600,000 federal funding appropriation to expand Paradise Royale, a purpose-built mountain bike trail in California’s King Range National Conservation Area (NCA). The funds derive from the 2009 omnibus appropriations bill (H.R.1105), which became law on March 30, 2009, (P.L. 111-8). The appropriation follows years of work by IMBA California Policy Advisor Tom Ward, who lobbied representatives in both the House and Senate.

Well, this last one just sealed the deal for me. If I had to rate Obama on trail issues alone - THUMBS UP DUDE!

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