Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying To Figure It All Out...

"Lately I've been feeling as though I'm at a crossroads..." One of my Facebook friends wrote on her page. We all reach this point many times in our lives. Is there one of us who has it all figured out? Perhaps so, but I've yet to uncover or meet this person. The big question is ARE YOU HAPPY?

Last night I watched a show about Shaolin monks living in the United States. It struck me how happy and blessed they felt with their lives. Some of their disciples were US citizens and the same sense of being was part of their lives. They didn't have much; except for their martial arts practice and the Shaolin religion. Was it something about the combination? Maybe, who knows; I'm not a Shaolin monk - but I do play one on TV.

Then I found this study from the Pew Research Center:

To me, being happy is how you figure it out. I should rephrase that: if you are happy, then you've got it figured out. So, with that said, the big question: HOW HAPPY ARE YOU?


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