Monday, June 29, 2009

The Weekend - Pics, Kicks, Hips

My word it was a good weekend... It all started out on Friday night. I was attacked by a multiple bottles of wine, good food and friends at Mutu's restaurant. There is no better way to start the weekend; except next time I'll do without the hangover. Saturday morning, I woke early and stumbled out of bed to self-shuttle up at Middle Mountain - FREERIDE. Luckily, my friend Aaron was able to join me for a lap. Sunday it was riding, peaks and giving back to the trails. This weekend, I built a stunt in Horse Gulch, built some jumps over some downed trees and fixed a killer gap.

On top of the Animas Overlook. Cool how the San Jauns were formed by volcanos, earth movement, glaciers...

Way cool mushrooms... I wanted to eat them, but...

You just can't beat the Colorado trail.

More of the CT - read the sign!

The Middle Mountain crew has done an incredible job!

More good times!

This is probably my second favorite jump (of the ones I can do up there).

This is a new jump. You have to really get your speed up; otherwise it is flat landing time. No matter what this meadow is one of the best.

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