Thursday, July 16, 2009

Christina Thompson - Doing A Great Job!

You just don't get better than a pumpkin on halloween! Now, imagine a pumpkin every day, and one that is on city council. Who is this pumpkin? OK, that's what I call her, you may call her Christina Thompson and she is killing it in Durango.

How do you measure success? If you're like me it isn't the number of tasks you've completed, but WHAT YOU GOT DONE! Christina is getting moving things forward in Durango, Colorado. Already she, with here council comrades, have purchased more open space in the Horse Gulch area. What's more, she moved forward approving the mother-in-law apartment law. Soon, to off-set a mortgage, homeowners will be able to allow tenats into vacation-style rentals. Yes, your mother-in-law could rent from you and live in that backyard shack. Before Christina, this was against the law! These were two of the issues Christina campaigned about improving - so success!

I also judge someones commitment to the cause and Christina is committed. How do I know this? She is learning every day. Christina is a member of the Colorado Progressive Leadership Fellowship program. Recently, she was just written up on their website as an outstanding member of the program, some quotes:
When Christina made the decision to run for Durango City Council, she did so with her hometown in mind. “I saw the downtown area just crumble and lose its soul,” she says. “When you have a more walkable, sustainable community, people become more invested emotionally and socially.”

In her first term, Christina hopes to continue her goals of creating a community that is both healthy and affordable. Many citizens in Durango have a story just like hers: the median income in Durango is $20,000 per year, whereas the average house in the same area costs $400,000, making it difficult to live in the city without a secondary source of income. In addition, many families in Durango have to commute outside of the city to find work. Christina wants to create more attainable housing with lower costs and a greater proximity to downtown Durango.

Another one of her goals is strengthening the CEO Network in Durango, a collaborative network of the leaders from high-tech companies in the surrounding areas, and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. This network will offer small local businesses a chance to gain the support of larger companies who move into the Durango area, and provide a greater opportunity for economic growth.

I'm happy with my vote!


Lauren said...

well, i cant say that i am surprised. christina is and always will be overwhelmingly amazing!!!

walkert said...

I agree!!!