Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Part 2 - Enterprise 2.0 - The Social Business - Are Your Customers Engaged

When you were a kid did your parents make you go to arts and crafts camp? Did you actually want to go? (assuming no one in their right mind would want to go). Fact: my Mom actually FORCED my sister and me to go to arts and crafts camp - never letting this one go! I can't believe I'm actually remembering this, but we had to learn the recorder - aarrgghhh. If it wasn't arts and craft camp, no doubt there was somewhere you didn't want to go that your Mom/Dad forced you to go to. This memory lives with us and, perhaps, that is when we first learned to do things our way. Funny that the internet, until web2.0 exploded, didn't allow us to do things our way. But that is in the past, the social web allows us to explore/do/process/transact/learn/interact/review/rate/engage/collaborate where WE WANT TO!

So why are businesses still PUSHING/FORCING people to their brand, on their terms?

The times have changed! Google Wave, FriendFeed, Facebook, LinkedIN, Communities of Practice, forums, Skype - THE SOCIAL WEB has changed our command and control centers. Gone is the dominance of people sitting infront of MS Outlook. Nope, we are interacting/tweeting/friending/Googling/Skype. We have multiple tabs open with social networks and applications running all the time. We interact on project management tools. Our day is filled with Facebooking, and it is a valuable task, actually. As a company, your #1 job is being there - having a place on the social web. Most importantly, you are helping your customers FIND VALUE IN YOUR PRODUCTS.

OK, will they accept your information?
Yes, but it has to be valuable!!!

The picture above best illustrates the core message of your social marketing strategy: YOU ADD VALUE, constantly. This isn't an easy task. It starts with changing the idea of that tired email marketing combined with a landing page thinking. This isn't how customers will interact with your brand. In the future, they will expect you to be where they are.

How do you accomplish this?

Make sense?
Probably not...

You need a guide through the social web. Starting up your social marketing platform might require a consultant ( is a good one). Dedicated and committed staffing is also important. But THE MOST important thing to consider is the strategic implications of this communication medium. You need to start now and find success!

Again, thanks to the HeadRush blog for the picture - if you ever start writing again, I will donate! Also, thanks to for teaching me so much about the social web!


Matthew Ozvat said...
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Matthew Ozvat said...

I do indeed believe the social business theory is powerful regarding marketing your applications/products/services; I feel it can also facilitate other avenues for a business, such as employee recruitment, and encouraging business to business synergy.
For example, as a software developer I am constantly searching for content updating myself with the latest and greatest technologies. I typical listen to podcasts of various developers from a variety of companies presenting some interesting discussion. The podcast typically starts out with an introduction: "Welcome to today's discussion of Silverlight from Microsoft. Today, we have Matt Ozvat from Quicksilver Payment Systems discussing the pros and cons of...."
I typically listen and learn about the discussion, thinking about how this technology could apply to my current job, but more importantly, I gather a gut-feel of the culture of “Quicksilver Payment Solutions” and “Matt Ozvat”. Questions then pop in my mind, “I wonder if Matt Ozvat is on Linkedin?“, "Where are they located?", “What other technologies are they using?”,”What are their products/applications/services?” I go and visit, Wow, they have an interactive developer forum openly discussing their podcasts, their applications/products/services etc.
Right away I see transparency. Maybe this means they are not a shady company! Let me see if I can setup an interview.
I feel this is a VERY powerful HR marketing tool achieved through Social networking.
Just my thoughts, I did not even get a chance to discuss the benefits of business to business synergy!!!

walkert said...

Totally agree. In practice, I'm doing this at my company. And it has netted us relationships with the most prestigious spine surgeons in the us.

Thanks and great points Matt! I especially, like the logic pattern you through in there!