Monday, July 20, 2009

Sooo Much Air Time, And Only One Picture

Ever have one of those weekends, when you were doing so much riding, and so was everyone else that the camera stayed in the pocket? This was my weekend in Parajito and Santa Fe, NM.

First off, Parajito - KILLER! Bridge drops, titter-totters, gaps, dirt jumps, LOG RIDES, high-speed downhills, and more... My hat goes off to the Los Alamos/Santa Fe crew for making Parajito one of the best places I've ever put the rubber side down! What's more, I felt success! I hit pretty much every jump/stunt on the mountain. I just can't wait to go back there and do more. My Kona Stinky Deluxe did an awesome job, too.

The Parajito Trail Map...

Then it was off to Santa Fe. The big hits just kept on coming! Here, we went to the desert! The Santa Fe crew have built up a jump park that's big-bike friendly, and oh was it fun. I actually nailed the beginner trail - tap out, which contains a several berm-to-berm jumps and also a six pack with high take offs and landings. WHAT FUN!

Only one pic from Santa Fe, but a good one!

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