Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ahh, The Pros...

There are those in nice clothes
Who talk and show graphs
As you listen, and doodle, and think...
What if I burst out a laugh
After this meeting, when the air is refreshed
We are drinking coffee, tea and earning a mental rest
All of a sudden, the one with the graphs,
Who has the nice clothes,
Walks to the group, the big, big pro.
It tries to act personal,
Now, small talk again,
With Tea, Coffee and lots of half grins
Think: we don't really care, you're too pro for us
Think: if I see one more graph, I'll just have to throw up
Think: who is this stiff? What do they want?
And back to a fake laugh, you hurry your break
Then back to the meeting room for more graphical fun

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