Friday, August 28, 2009

Does Your Bike Have As Many Scars As Your Body?

Dear Mountain Biking,

Thank you for all the fun... I've really enjoyed riding through the open meadows at break-neck speeds. Pausing, at times, to sit in a field of wildflowers. Taking in the many scents is like a warm blanket for my spirit. The jumps, hips, log rides, those bring me to a special place, where my mind is empty, so thanks for those... But I have a special request: could you stop the crashing and scarring...?
Folks, I'm sure many of you are like me, and are just about over it. If I had a nickel for every scar, I'd have like $3.25 - yeeyah. Then I take a look at my bike, shake my head and add up some more nickels - $7.15. If I had to calculate the mental scarring, then that's when things get really interesting: $1,367,822.17. Yep, a lot of nickels... Seems to me that there is almost a direct correlation between the amount of scars on your bike, and the number on your body. Go ahead, think of your bike, look at your shins, elbows, knees, clavical (if you still have one), hips, etc. and start counting...

Now, if scars make the man, then I want to be a boy! I'll be honest with you all, I'm not proud of my scars. The internal ones too... When I get out of bed, I have to use my right arm to get up, because my left shoulder hurts needs a warm up before it gets moving. The middle of my back aches, so I can't arch backwards. I can't lift much over my head anymore. My right hand has this massive bump and it aches sometimes. When I sit in a chair, my right knee makes this awful cracking noise - it is really bad. Forget about turning my head to the right - no way! And I used to be such a together person, what happened...? Scars!

Me, in one piece, years ago...

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