Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Durango, CO In Danger Of Losing Its "Epic Mountain Biking Status"

Ahhh, the good old days of mountain biking: sweet singletrack, friends and hard lung-busting riding. Wait... The good old days haven't really changed much in Durango. One can still find epic high-country rides; great town loops; some technical trails; but what you won't find (without knowing the right people is gaps, jumps, log rides... What am I talking about? FREERIDE!

Durango, CO is no doubt one of the best places to ride, but we haven't kept up with the evolution of the sport. Freeriding/slope-style combines advanced mountain bike technology with very technical trails. Typically, a freeriding experience will involve jumping over dirt jumps, specially made for mountain bikes, and riding over stunts like log rides and natural rock gardens. The sport is all about pushing the bike, and your style.

Durango, CO has some options, but they are illegally built and secret... However, not all is lost. Durango has the chance to improve; the chance to make it a real epic is slowly evolving!

This week the IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) trail crew came to visit with us to talk about making new trails. What's more, through our constant work, we actually got the city to OK some us of land - so we do have a location to start building. IMBA also took it a step further and met with the city and other land managers to educate them on the use of areas that have been already adopted by mountain bikers. Finally, they also suggested a jump/skills park for all levels. It was a great meeting with over 30 Trails2000 members attending!

In the end, and before the summer is out, we hope to have our first legal freeride trail! Stay tuned for more...

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