Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Little Boy That Lives In The Back Of Your Throat Is A Good Thing For Riders

Remember this wholesome kid from the movie - The Shining? Ahhh, what a lovely boy to have around - NOT! This young man was forced to live in the Rocky Mountains, near one of the most beautiful areas on the planet - tough life. His family was care taking a hotel and during the winter, dad, and son (the kid), go crazy.

The kid has a little boy that lives in the back of his throat that tells him things and makes him write murder backwards with lipstick - like that would ever happen. Well, don't we all have a little boy that lives in the back of our throats? We all have a little critic that comes out during our mountain bike ride saying: you should've hit that drop better; you know, you're faster than that; you're being a baby!

Like the kid in the movie, we should listen to this internal throat-centric little boy/critic. I'm sure you've heard people say, "oh, you need to ignore it and meditate it out..." WRONG! You need to embrace it!

First off, that little voice could save you from your crazy father. Secondly, that little voice is a motivator. Just because he isn't that positive; doesn't mean he's wrong. Your internal critic will get you over more stunts and terrain than the positive little fairy/angel - gauranteed! So keep that little voice around. Yes, sometimes he needs to shut up, but don't get rid of him; especially if your father is a little off his rocker...

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