Friday, September 11, 2009

Being Upfront About Your Weaknesses

I have this thing about asking serious questions at dinner parties... Frankly, I'm not a fan of just small talk that doesn't go anywhere - call me elitist. I ask each person to identify what they are weak at. You know, what do you really suck at doing... Surprised to say, each person was forthcoming with their answer. Do we all know our weaknesses?

I know some. My weaknesses include an over-powering personality, when it isn't necessary. A focus on action that skips details. And, last but not least, sometimes I don't HEAR what people are saying; I don't let their ideas and observations sink in. Thankfully, I've had numerous people give me the heads up on my weaknesses - what great people, eh? I call them mentors, friends, loved-ones and people-that-just-get-sick-of-my-shit. But not everyone has these kinds of witnesses (in the legal sense of the word, telling the truth about what they saw/see). Perhaps it isn't necessary, but identifying your weaknesses is important you can do this internally as well. The bigger point is knowing what you are weak at and identifying it so you don't focus on something you aren't that good at improving, or being defensive about it because you feel weak!


Anonymous said...

Yessir. Youre willingness to state your weaknesses openly and be open to that feedback makes you a friend worth having. Maybe I'll stop being so defensive... not!

walkert said...